There are many ways to relieve stress during your leisure time. You can drink, exercise, or do something else depending on your inclination. Here is a group of people who spend their spare time to act a play. Even though they have such different occupations (judges, insurance planners, computer game developers, teachers, and homemakers), they all enjoy being together on the same stage and share positive energy which comes from each other. Kang Je-kwon, president of an office workers drama society other.’



Q. I heard you write a scenario as well. What do you usually write about?


A.We mainly show our original play. We usually deal with stories which include important messages such as punishing the pro-Japanese Koreans or Lai Daihan issues. We sometimes talk about personal complex and healing drama. We showed a political and tear-jerking corral




Q. I don’t think your group is just for a hobby, but plays an important role in changing part of your life. It might sound discouraging, but why did you select a play out of many different options?

A.While working at an office, each one seeks for different ways of self-realization. Just like some of them learn how to play an instrument and the others learn how to dance, we just chose to learn how to act a drama. I also have learned musical instruments and have had many different hobbies before, but a play was the most thrilling one to me. I guess our members would feel the same. A drama helps those who have been afraid of being in front of people to open their mind and learn how to appeal to the others. I have seen a lot of people change their introverted personality on the stage. We particularly write about our difficulties we have experienced at our work places. Then we can talk about vivid stories.


Q. I think you will need to keep a balance between work and hobby. I don’t think it will be easy to chase two hares at once.


A.If you pull out the art from your life, you become a working machine. Of course not all the members can come to the practice all the time. Something urgent comes up from time to time. When some people do not show up, we just continue our practice without them. It is because we are working actors. It is good and important to be a member of elite in our society, but our individual life is more important.forever.



Q. I wonder what your future plans are and what you dream about.


A.I am planning a drama for people with visual disability. As a representative drama society in Gwanak-gu, we want to take a step closer to the residents. We want to return them as much as we received.


Leisure originally means a spare time which enriches our daily life. But it is a driving force and pivot of the life to the member of <Teumsai>. I hope their beautiful drama will make our society and people better.